The Twisted Rope Layering Necklace Set
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The Twisted Rope Layering Necklace Set

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Feat. the Carina Necklace and the Twisted Rope Necklace.

Get necklaces from both twisted rope collections; the Carina is the thicker style compared to the thinner Twisted Rope necklace

Details and Care

Both are made from stainless steel materials. 

Stainless steel materials is a highly durable material that resists against corrosion, scratches and discolouring. This is due to an invisible layer of chromium that prevents oxidation, allowing it to withstand wear and tear of everyday activities. 

Our twisted rope chain pieces can be worn in water and when showering without product discolouring or tarnishing. Once worn in water, please wipe down. 

Size Guide

The Twisted Rope Chain necklace measures 3mm in width and 20inches in length which includes a 2inch adjustable chain with clasp.  

The Carina necklace is 5mm in width and measures 20inches in length, which includes a 2inch adjustable chain with clasp. 

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Next day delivery option isn't available due to the current climate. 

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